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Town of Oromocto Recreation

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At The Recreation and Tourism Department it is...

Our vision

that people and organizations that proudly call our community home are active, healthy and involved. By working together we make our Town a great place to work, play and raise a family. This vision will always be at the heart of what drives us to move forward.

Our mission

to work with individuals and organizations to plan and deliver life enhancing services and facilities that improve the quality of life of each and every person that calls Oromocto home. We have a passion for positive change and results, plus a commitment to ensure that every person has an opportunity to make our community a better place to live.

Our beliefs

that People are by nature generous and want to give to their community in many different ways,

that the work that we do will build a strong, cohesive and healthy community,

that if given the chance people will enhance their personal wellbeing,

that the services we provide go beyond fun and games and help solve issues that are of great importance to people living in our community,

that each and every child, adult, and older adult, regardless of ability, should have access to recreation services and facilities to improve their lives and the lives of those they love.

Basic Overall Goals and Objectives:

The term service denotes a response to needs, desires, and interests of the community. Within this concept of service, it is acknowledged that one of the Department’s primary thrusts is that of facilitator or enabler. In essence, the Department is here to serve and help people help themselves.

To implement this philosophy, a series of goals and objectives has been identified. The basic overall goals of the Department include:

1) providing opportunities which enable all residents to enjoy recreation;

2) assisting community organizations and groups with human and material resources;

3) coordinating the use of existing physical, financial and human resources.